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Stop Decay Comfortably

A natural-looking and decay-fight restorative treatment

Even patients who attend regular cleanings and exams, practice good oral hygiene at home, and eat a nutritious diet can experience tooth decay. Unfortunately, tooth decay is one of the facts of life. But when caught early, tooth decay can be treated less invasively with a tooth-colored composite dental filling.

At Mason R Davis, DDS, we’re proud to provide comfortable and minimally invasive Tulsa dental fillings that prevent our patients from experiencing the worst of tooth decay. Dr. Davis will work with you to bring out the best in your smile.

Dental fillings at Mason R Davis, DDS

Tooth-colored dental fillings are an excellent treatment option for many patients experiencing a small amount of tooth decay. While Dr. Davis might take a conservative approach at the earliest stages of tooth decay, once decay has advanced, a dental filling will be recommended.

During treatment, we’ll remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it in with tooth-colored composite material. We’ll make sure you’re numb and comfortable the entire time!

Benefits of tooth-colored dental fillings

  • Look completely natural — no one will ever be able to tell
  • Stops decay from progressing, preventing the need for advanced treatment
  • A comfortable treatment process ensures you don’t feel a thing
  • Dr. Davis will only recommend dental fillings when completely necessary, ensuring no unnecessary treatment
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Dental Fillings FAQ

Do dental fillings hurt?

With modern treatment methods, Dr. Davis will ensure you’re comfortable during your dental fillings treatment at our office.

How long do dental fillings last?

Dental fillings will last 5-7 years, or much longer with proper maintenance, such as practicing oral hygiene at home and attending twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams.

Are dental fillings safe?

They sure are! Composite fillings are considered a completely safe and reliable treatment for fixing cavities and restoring damaged teeth.


Jane H.

Everyone here is amazing! Very kind and professional. We’ve been coming here for many many years!


Donnie H.

This practice provides nothing but quality dental care from the time you walk in the door until the time you walk out.


Lacy S.

Best dental office in Tulsa. The most attentive dental hygienist and assistant. The office staff is top notch and on top of their game.

A convenient & empowering dental experience

At Mason R Davis, DDS, we strive to make every visit to our practice one-of-a-kind. Appointments are designed around what’s best for you and ensure a comforting and empowering experience. Dr. Davis will take the time to get to know you with an eye toward your long-term health and earning your trust.

Dr. Davis and the rest of our team welcome you to our Tulsa dental filling office!

Relationship-Based Dentistry

Dr. Davis will always treat you at all appointments. He and our dental team will get to know you through the years to offer a cohesive long-term dental experience.

Personalized Attention

Dr. Davis will meet with you during your first 90-minute appointment to develop an understanding of your oral health concerns and recommend specific treatments if needed.

Less-Invasive Approach

We’ll exhaust all options before recommending an invasive procedure or treatment and only recommend treatments you need.

Experience premier dental care at its finest

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