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Want to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy? Regular dental cleaning is an essential foundation for a dazzling smile. At Mason R Davis, DDS in Tulsa, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional care while safeguarding your overall oral health.

Dr. Davis uses advanced techniques to remove stubborn plaque, tartar, and surface stains, leaving your teeth looking bright and feeling fresh. By thoroughly cleaning your teeth, we’ll help prevent dental issues and maintain your smile’s natural luster.

Dental cleaning & dental exam at Mason R Davis, DDS

At Mason R Davis, DDS, we believe in honest diagnosis and minimal treatment, ensuring you receive accurate information about your dental health.

  • Regular dental cleanings form the foundation of a healthy smile, removing plaque and stains for optimal oral health.
  • Our thorough dental exams detect potential issues early on, leading to minimal treatments and prevention of future dental problems.

With a gentle and caring approach, we create a comfortable environment for all patients, empowering them to maintain their oral health between visits. Your smile is our priority, and we use advanced technology to provide the highest quality dental care.

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Dental cleaning & dental exam FAQ

How often should I get a dental cleaning and exam?

We recommend at least one visit every 6 months for regular cleaning and exams, but it may vary based on your needs.

Are dental cleanings painful?

No, our dental cleanings are gentle and minimally invasive.

What can I expect during a dental exam?

Our thorough dental exams include X-rays, oral cancer screenings, and a comprehensive evaluation.


Jane H.

Everyone here is amazing! Very kind and professional. We’ve been coming here for many many years!


Donnie H.

This practice provides nothing but quality dental care from the time you walk in the door until the time you walk out.


Lacy S.

Best dental office in Tulsa. The most attentive dental hygienist and assistant. The office staff is top notch and on top of their game.

Experience personalized dental care

At Mason R Davis, DDS, your comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to dental care is all about personalization, ensuring that every appointment is seamlessly tailored to meet your needs. Dr. Davis takes the time to deeply understand your long-term oral health goals, forming a strong, trusting relationship with you along the way.

Feel free to reach out to our Tulsa dental cleaning office today, and take that first step towards achieving a beaming and beautiful smile!

Relationship-Based Dentistry

Dr. Davis will always treat you at all appointments. He and our dental team will get to know you through the years to offer a cohesive long-term dental experience.

Personalized Attention

Dr. Davis will meet with you during your first 90-minute appointment to develop an understanding of your oral health concerns and recommend specific treatments if needed.

Less-Invasive Approach

We’ll exhaust all options before recommending an invasive procedure or treatment and only recommend treatments you need.

Experience premier dental care at its finest

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